Alois Chipfurutse

In 2017 he broke a 5 year record in his school district after he attained a brilliant 20pts during his Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council Advanced level results. With 4 distinctions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Further Mathematics Alois has been offered a full scholarship by William Marsh Rice University .

Chipfurutse is a chess player and has participated in the 2018 Zimbabwe Chess Open and scored a 5.5/8 finishing the tournament on position 18. After struggling to get a scholarship the Alois juggled teaching ,playing chess league whilst preparing for his college application.
He was offered an mining and electrical engineering program instead of Aeronautical Engineering program this forced him to take a gap year and period he joined Education USA as a member.

The young Alois got heartbroken after he was rejected by all the American universities he had applied to. During this period he dominated in chess competition and became the highest rated Under 20 chess player in Zimbabwe.

He later managed to pass his SAT test during his second gap year and was admitted into William Marsh Rice University were he will be studying towards a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Alois Chipfurutse  joins the Plunket rowing twins, Melissa Mwanza, (basketball), Vernon Matongo (rugby) and Sam Harvey (junior angler) who have all been awarded scholarship by different universities outside Zimbabwe.



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