Zimbabwe U-21 netball team

The spread of the novel covid-19 pandemic continue to affect the staging of major sporting events around the world with the latest victim being the 2021 netball world youth cup.

After consultations with Fiji the host country of the 2021 netball world youth cup the international netball federation have announced the postponement of the prestigious netball youth tournament.

Some two months ago  International Netball federation cancelled the netball world youth cup qualifying events and agreed to use the INF world rankings to determine the qualifying teams. Leaving South Africa, Uganda and Malawi to represent the African continent.

Considering that Zimbabwe Baby Gems made their debut appearance at the 2017 netball youth world cup the INF decision was and is still a big blow for Zimbabwe junior netball team.

” We will continue to consult with the netball associations with qualified teams regarding the option for re-scheduling including dates towards the end of the year 2021 or early 2022.” – reads a statement written by the INF



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