Leading Malawi commercial bank FDH who announced a K4.2 million relief package for the financial impact caused by the novel covid-19 in Malawi netball, delivered their promise.

30 Malawi Queens netball players have so far received K70 000 each for the month of July and August.

The relief package will cater for the players essential needs during this period as players are being forced to stay at home because of the covid-19.

Stipends will go on for four months with each player expected to earn a total of K140 000 from the package after four months.

  1. “We are happy that FDH have started paying national netball players. They would have started last month,but they failed due to other factors. As our partners , the payment to the players show their commitment to fulfill their offer. It is also a morale booster as most of our players depend on netball.” – reads a statement from Netball Association of Malawi. It



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