Black Rhino Queens

Women’s football in Zimbabwe continues to go through tough times. With the Sports and Recreation Commission granting ZIFA and PSL to resume training and competitions, women’s football teams have been left behind.

Women’s Super League team’s last played football in 2019 since then, the teams have not trained or played games. With women  sports in the country underfunded the covid-19 pandemic makes the situation even worse.

Even though women’s football received the lion share from FIFA and CAF covid-19 relief funds league games have failed to kick-off. Last year 19 clubs which include the relegated and promoted teams received RTGS  $256.000.00 each which was equivalent to USD 3.100 as part of phrase one of the covid-19 relief fund.

Sources close to our publication revealed  that the association received plus USD 80.000 that was suppose to be channeled to women’s football. Asked what plans they have about the resumption of the Women’s Super League the chairperson of Zimbabwe National Women’s Soccer League ZWSL Barbra Chikosi said we can only talk about it when women’s football resume.

Further asked to clarify what plans they have in place to ensure the resumption of the women’s game the businesswoman was undiplomatic “Ngatitaurei kana bhora rakutambwa shamwari.” she declared.

If we are to continue advancing a “new age” of women’s football the women’s game must be part of the conversation about football’s return. Without a communicated strategy for the women’s game, the future of clubs and players’ health and wellbeing remain at risk.



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