Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Zimbabwe Olympic Committee elections: Nominations open on the 24th of February

Nominations for the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) elections will be open from today 24th of February to the 26th of March. Therefore ZOC affiliated national federations are being asked to nominate candidates for various posts. Nominations forms and the notice...

SRC suspends all sporting activities

The Sports and Recreation Commission has with immediate effect suspended all sporting activity in Zimbabwe. This following an announcement made by the Minister of Health this evening to contain the spread and local transmission of covid-19. Risk of person to...

Zimbabwe Olympic Committe appoints Stephen Mudawarima as their new CEO

The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee has appointed Stephen Mudawarima as its new chief executive officer. The appointment is with effect from 01 January 2021. Mudawarima has served on the ZOC board for the past five years. He takes over from Anna...

England Karateka Sensei Katie Simpson fundraising for Zimbabwean karatekas

Sensei Katie Simpson who has represented England in Shukokai karate for over 20 years medaling at every tournament she entered is fundraising for karate suits for Zimbabwean karatekas. Already 10 FOC karate suits have been raised and children practicing Karate...

Zim Ninja Academy scoops 12 medals in the Virtual International Kata Q Challenge

Mediterranean Karate Alliance in partnership with Malta Tourism Authority, IKKAIDO Federation and Intercompany Malta organized the Virtual International Kata Q Challenge Championship. 312 participants from 26 countries battled for honors in the online Karate International Championship for belts below black...

Zimbabwe Karate Union face expulsion from World Karate Federation

Zimbabwe Karate Union could be expulsed by the World Karate Federation because their constitution doesn't sync with that of the World Karate Federation Statues. Since March 2020 the World Karate Federation has written to ZKU advising them that their constitution...



Warriors retain position 111 in the FIFA world rankings

Latest FIFA World ranking are out. And Zimbabwe Warriors have retained position 111. The latest rankings took into consideration the international window where the Warriors...