Zimbabwe boxer Derek Chisora this week launched a new cutting-edge brand identity for everyone.

Chisora Warrior represents athletes from different disciplines, hence the Chisora brand created an identity that represents everyone and also unifies them into one powerful team. From high school athletes to national team members they represent all. Pulling inspiration from our sports, our countries, and our bright future.

When it comes to the design Chisora Warrior merchandise represents diverse disciplines of athletics in the world and can be used as training gear for the gym or off-field appeal. And they include short sleeve tops, joggers, long sleeve compression tops, classic leggings, hoodies, and shorts.

The Chisora Warrior brand also shows us that being a warrior is about how one lives, how they tackle challenges, how they push themselves to succeed, and how they refuse to accept anything other than the best. This representing how he Chisora trains, live and even design his activewear.

To purchase his new merchandise range you can click on http://www.Chisora Warrior.com/shop.


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