Happy Olympic Day to you all special thanks to the LEGEND Pierre de Coubertain the brain behind the Olympic Day and the founding father of the International Olympic Committee.

Today as International Olympic Committee and National Olympic Committee celebrate Olympic Day something special will be happening. In 2014 International Olympic Committee decided to move ahead with the consolidation of it’s head office and guess what??

Its a brace Olympic Day Celebration plus the official inauguration of the International Olympic Committee headquarters which will be known as the Olympic House in Vidy Lausanne. Speaking to the Seeker Of All Things Sports IOC representative said from the 23rd of June IOC will official have two Olympic centres one in Lausanne and the other in Vidy which will be used to cater for administration and offering a welcome meeting for all our stakeholders.

The design of the Olympic House was done by Danish architecture firm 3XN a unique example of innovative collaboration between IOC,Toyota,Panasonic, World Olympic Partner and IttenBrechbühl. One of our major aims when we came up with this idea was to regroup all IOC staff in one location, resulting in cost savings and increased collaboration. And with the Olympic House done a total of 500 IOC staff will now be working at the Olympic House,previously this staff was based all around Lausanne now they move in at the Olympic House in Vidy.


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