Netball Malawi has announced the death of former national team coach and Malawi National Sports Council Regional Sports Development Manager Mr Giffin Saenda.

Mr Saenda joined the Malawi National Council of Sports on 1 April,1997 where he has served in several portfolios. Mr Saenda was employed as a netball lecturer based at the Kamuzu Institute for Sport. In 1999 Mr Saenda was promoted to the rank of the Principal for the Kamuzu Institute for Sport till 2003. In 2003 he was transferred to Blantyre to head the Regional Sports Development Office (South). Since 2003 to 2018 he has been the Regional Sports Development Manager South. He retired on mandatory retirement on 28 February, 2019.

Apart from the positions he held in the Malawi National Council of Sports, he has also been coaching the Malawi National Netball team. Mr Saenda took Malawi netball to realise the highest accolades in both World Netball as well as Africa Netball.

Mr Saenda passed away today and burial announcement will be announced soon.


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