Zimbabwean swimmer Donata Katai and rowing sensation Peter Purcell-Gilpin will serve as flag bearers at the opening ceremony we can reveal.


Katai, 17 has won several African Youth titles and also broke several records including a youth record once held by Olympic champion Kirsty Coventry.

Traditionally, one person has typically served as flag bearers in the Olympics, but this year it was changed to two after the International Olympic Committee encouraged one male and one female to represent each nation as a symbol of gender parity. The flag bearers are chosen by their fellow athletes.

With 49 per cent female participation, Tokyo 2020 will be the first gender-equal Olympic Games ever,” the IOC says. “For the first time, there will be at least one female and one male athlete in each of the teams participating in the Games.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is set for Friday evening and the marching order of countries will be based on the Japanese language. This means Zimbabwe will be called in the middle at number 85 instead of the usual place at the end.


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