Aiming to promote women chess in Arabia world and Africa the Djerba Women’s online chess open was hosted via

600 chess players from 90 countries took part in the 17 round women’s online chess open tournament.

Hazel Refiloe Mudodo who has represented Zimbabwe and the African continent at the World Youth Chess Championship and the current Zimbabwe National Chess Champion in thé ladies section took part in the tournament.

Mudodo finished 2nd after she struggled to defeat Egyptian Alaa Elgamal and then settled for 2nd place finish with a total of 1543 points. Hazel Refiloe Mudodo success in the Djerba women’s chess open is an open indication of what can happen when parents support their talented children at a younger age.

” Mudodo is on the right path and very soon she might get the WIM or WGM title.”- Emarald Takudzwa Mushore


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