In order to achieve their goals and objects Hockey Association of Zimbabwe today announced their 2020 Sub Committee. The Sub Committee is divided into four branches that includes National Competition, Hockey officials sub committee, Hockey Coaching Development Committee and Marketing Committee.

The national competition committee whose main purpose is to review all competitive aspects of the game includes experts like Farai Nengare who has played hockey for the Rhodes University first team and also plays for the Zimbabwe ladies hockey team. Other members of the committee are Mary Houghton, Pritchard Matambo, Grant Campbell, Sarah Bennett, Roxy Mackenzie, Kiara O’Toole, Janine Wyngard and Jamie Haasbroek.

Hockey Official sub committee includes Sarah Bennett, Grant Campbell, Gerald Ntelezi, Bryn Lowe, Tafara Mukaro,Gavin Costa’s,Farai Kanyangarara and Kholwani Jubane.

Mary Houghton, Grant Campbell, Collin Allardice, Max Makuvise, Farai Kanyangarara, Pauline Ndlovu and Sarah Bennett will be in charge of marketing the sport of hockey.

With the main aim to assist and advice the Hockey Association Of Zimbabwe in relation to its function relating to the development of coaching and coaches at all levels, the coaching development committee is made up of Tendai Maredza a hockey player and coach, Tapiwa Pongweni,Cliff Kaseke,Kanyiwe Tafuma ,Dr Tongai Mukwewe and Grant Campbell.


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