Kirsty Coventry who is the IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair has announced a brand new programme that will give athletes access to well-being,career mentoring and learning and development services.

The program will be delivered by the IOC together with Athlete365 in partnership with Worldwide Olympic Partner Intel. Below is the letter that Coventry wrote to Athletes

Dear Athletes,

I am excited to announce the launch of a brand new programme, delivered by the IOC and Athlete365 in partnership with Worldwide Olympic Partner Intel, that will provide well-being, career mentoring, and learning and development services for you the global Athlete365 community.

The Background

In June, we revealed that a survey conducted across the Athlete365 community of athletes, entourage and other stakeholders, showed that managing your mental health and sports careers were two of the biggest challenges you have been facing during the pandemic.

We listened, and we have responded.

Now, to empower and support you during the COVID-19 crisis, but also in preparation for Tokyo 2020 and beyond, Intel and Athlete365 are partnering to deliver an athlete support programme that provides new opportunities for you to learn how to better deal with stress and anxiety, but also develop your skill–set, prepare for your career transition and expand your network.

By participating in the programme, you will gain access to a number of benefits including health and well-being tools Headspace and EXOS, learning and development services from LinkedIn Learning, and access to the Intel mentor Program.

These services will be provided through Athlete365, complementing the existing resources that we already have to support you at every stage of your career.

Promoting your health and well being

Headspace is an incredible App which specialises in mindfulness and mental fitness, and will provide you with hundreds of science-backed guided meditations, along with resources for sleep, movement and more. As part of our new offering with Intel, you will have access to the Headspace Plus subscription, with Headspace’s full library of content including guided resources designed for athletes focused on recovery, competition, training and motivation.

EXOS is a company focused on human performance and corporate programs, and you will have access to content developed by EXOS performance specialists around mindset and recovery.

Helping your learning and development

LinkedIn Learning is a personalised, online educational platform with more than 16,000 online courses. Through our new offer, you will have access to the online courses that can help you prepare for future career opportunities, or help you develop new skills that may be applicable to the Olympic Games such as public speaking and branding courses.

Giving you career mentorship and networking

But perhaps the most exciting part of this new programme is that Intel is offering you exclusive mentoring services to help you transition into your next career. The mentors consist of experienced Intel employees across a range of technical and non-technical backgrounds, but also include IOC staff and Olympians, and you will be able to develop a career path with them and learn useful skills, from career planning to leadership courses.

This mentoring network and the other initiatives were discussed on an exclusive Athlete365 webinar on 30 June with Olympic champion and Intel employee Ashton Eaton, and Intel’s vice president and general manager of the Olympic Program Office Rick Echevarria. We encourage you to listen back to the webinar to learn more, and hope you enjoy and benefit from these new services!

In the Olympic spirit,

Kristy Coventry

IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair


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