UK based Zimbabwean Ellen Chiwenga who is a full time football agent holding a FIFA and FA license for a number of years is working on a massive project that involves construction of multi-purpose stadiums along with top quality hotels infrastructure plus a world class FIFA certified Football Academy in West Africa.

Chiwenga believes that football has got a worldwide appeal,capacity to inspire, ability to strengthen communities. Its a powerful instruments for cohesion, social and economical change, that why we are mainly focusing on football. But also remember we are constructing multi purpose stadium.

The Academy aims are to create hope and new dreams for the youths in the country. We want to foster growth and help nurture strong,healthy communities through the promotion of sports. This will become a powerful tool for economical and human development.

Women football in Africa is legging behind so in this project we have also decide to focus on gender equality and women empowerment. We will have a world class Women Football Academy. Already we are in talks with a top English Premier club who will help us develop and run the Women Academy and become a pioneer in the promotion of the women game. With the clubs years of expertise in the development of women game their involvement will provide new and great opportunities over the long term not just for the West Africa country but Africa as a whole.


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