For the first time, the COSAFA members association will now pay to participate in the regional COSAFA tournaments.

After the world governing board FIFA refused to support COSAFA with covid-19 relief funds. The regional board had to find ways to respond to the economic impact caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

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According to a letter from COSAFA the regional governing board resolved to introduce participation fees. This will be the first time member association will be contributing towards competition costs.

The economic impact caused by the covid-19 pandemic has led to drying up for funding for the COSAFA tournament. Cosafa hosts several competitions that include Cosafa Cup (men’s), Cosafa Women’s Cup, Under-20 men’s and women’s, Under-17 men’s and women’s fustal, and beach soccer.

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A federation that wants to participate in the COSAFA competitions will be paying a participation fee of US18,950. The regional governing board has given their member association a deadline of 31 May to pay the participation fee.


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