Zimbabwe tennis player Valeria Bhunu won her second title on the ITF World Tennis Tour on Sunday to continue the promising start to her professional career.

The last time Bhunu won an ITF World Tennis Tour was in 2015 in Stellenbosch.

Tunisia hosted the ITF Women single W15 Monastir 18 and thirty-two players were competing for glory. And Zimbabwean tennis player Valeria Bhunu impressed winning 100.00% of the set played in all the W15 Monastir matches.

She also won all her 1st sets in the last five matches played at W15 Monastir 18.

Bhunu’s first match at the W15 Monastir was against Alexandra Riley. The Zimbabwean player outsmarted Riley (6-1) (6-0) to win the set two-nil. Her second match was against one of the tournament’s favorite Gozal Anintdinova. The Kazakhstan player was thumbed (6-2) (6-1) as Bhunu marched on.

Lithuania-born Andre Lukosiute was Bhunu’s third casualty in the qualification round match. What a competitive match it was with Lukosiute efforts counting to nothing after she was defeated (6-0) (6-3).

Valeria booked her place in the final of the W15 Monastir 18 after she defeated Japanese Yui Chikaraishi (6-2) (6-2). Bhunu sealed her campaign at the W15 Monastir 18 with an impressive victory against Saki Imamura (6-2) (6-2).

Her victory at the W15 Monastir 18 matches comes after her impressive performance with team Zimbabwe ladies team at the Billie Jean Cup in Lithuania.

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