Undeterred by COVID-19, Zim-Ninja academy remains resolute and continues to represent the country globally. The latest achievement by the academy is that of bagging 13 Medals in a second Online Martial Arts World Championships. The virtual contest was hosted and organized by the International Martial Arts – Self Defence Kwon-Ki-Do Organization based in Poland.

Countries the world over have embraced virtual competitions due to restrictions that came with COVID-19. Zim-Ninja Academy decided to join the rest of the World and making the Nation proud. Participants from around the world send their videos online to the organizers and were arbitrated by chosen professional judges around the World. Zim-Ninja Academy which is affiliated with Zimbabwe Karate Union (ZKU) managed to send its videos last month on 31 May and received the good news this weekend from the organizers. The 13 Medals and Certificates for the winners will be sent to Zimbabwe from Poland at a later date.

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The tournament attracted 150 competitors from 12 Countries. The countries are Zimbabwe, Australia, Greece, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, United Kingdom, Russia, United States of America, and the host Poland.

Zim-Ninja Academy is continuing to make some noise on the Martial Arts World stage by competing and doing well in these competitions thereby raising the country’s flag high during this pandemic era. Since the advent of the Corona Virus last year, they have been winning medals for Zimbabwe. Though it has been difficult for them to achieve their usual best due to lockdowns since last year, they decided to think outside the box and have been training at home and encouraging each other through social media platforms.

The tournament was open to various styles of Martial arts. It included various age groups from 4 years going up. Competition category forms comprised the Hard, soft, free, and weapon forms.

The Academy fielded Nine athletes and participated in 13 Categories. They have managed to scoop a medal in all the Categories they participated in, with a total of 10 gold medals, 2 Silver medals, and a bronze medal. The Participants from Zim Ninja Academy comprised 4 Male Adults, 4 Kids, and One female adult. Sensei Wilfred Mashaya won 3 Gold Medals at the tournament, the other gold medallists are Vincent Fambira and Fredson Mhondiwa. Prince Stanford Chabanga won a silver in the male adult’s category.

The Four Kids are Wilfred Jnr Mashaya who scooped two gold, Seamus Daniel Basikoro also won a gold medal, Blessed Kanda won a silver medal and Prince Manhanga took the only bronze medal for Zimbabwe.

The only Female representative Mitchell Rudanda Machingura won 2 Gold Medals in hard forms and weapons forms.

Some of the Katas the competitors competed in are Hamahiga no Tonfa weapon kata, Nicho no Sai weapon kata, Terukawa no tonfa weapon kata among others.

Organizers of the tournament represented by Grand Master Wojciech Dolny who is a holder of the 10th Dan Black Belt in Kwon-Ki-Do Martial Arts – Self Defence send a Congratulatory message to the Zimbabwe team which is making Zimbabwe proud under difficult conditions brought about by the pandemic and maigre resources.

The 13 medals added on to a combined more than 40 medals collection won by Zim Ninja Academy since last year. The Academy’s Technical Director Shylock Nevanji a.k.a The Silver Fox was happy with the results which he said was a result of hard work, dedication, and commitment. He also believes that if the Academy gets Sponsorship support from willing Individuals, companies, and the corporate world, they can even do more wonders for the nation and continue to put it on the World map through their contribution to sports. Financial support is a major setback but we hope potential sponsors will realize our efforts, successes, and contributions in the World of Sports, we pray for better days and shall continue doing our best for the nation said the Silver Fox.

The Zim-Ninja Academy was founded by the Multi-Award Winning Martial Artist Sensei Wilfred Mashaya a holder of Four Black Belts in Karate, Ninjutsu, Self Defense, and Kobudo (Weapons). He also pioneered new Martial arts disciplines in Zimbabwe namely Kobudo, Ninjutsu, and Nunchaku-do. He was appointed a Martial arts Ambassador by various bodies around the world and is a multiple Hall of Famer. The Zim Ninja as he is affectionately known is now on a mission to share his skills with fellow Zimbabweans including kids and ladies with the future in mind and promoting sports gender balance and opportunities for all.

Compiled By Secretary-General – Zim Ninja Academy
Christopher Garatsa


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