Zimbabwe Handball Federation wants to be serious about developing the future of the senior national team hence they are in search of juniors players.

The federation is targeting to scout female players below the age of 17 whom they intend to groom into the senior national team. Their goal being that of developing a future national team to become one of the best in the region by 2028.

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Currently, the Zimbabwe Handball Federation is yet to appoint coaches for the junior national teams but they are looking forward to working with Swiss coach Rolf Haussener who is currently developing the boy’s team.

Zimbabwe Handball Federation Secretary-General Edson Chirowodza told Sports Rifle 724 that they have the talent and it only needs to be tapped.

We have girls with a proper body composition that includes the height and weight of handball players. At the moment the call is open for all interested female players to register, proper selections will be done once sports fully resumes. Those interested in registering for selection can send their details via the Zimbabwe Handball Federation Facebook page, website, or WhatsApp group.

Meanwhile Zimbabwe Handball Federation is now working with coaching software company XPS networks who will help ZHF coaches by combining the best coaching education expertise with their technological solutions.


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